Branded traitors, and now hunted…

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Due to recent events, the following organization has been forcefully disbanded, and its members hunted:

. Ravenwing

The Ravenwing organization had been found lacking of our Warchief’s trust, and subsequently purged. Their crimes were unforgivable in the eyes of the Warchief, and thus were punished. Their headquarters was sacked, and several members captured and interrogated. Failure to serve the Warchief will result in severe punishment.

Also, the following individuals are currently being sought dead or alive for the following crimes: Murder, planning to aid the troll rebellion, kidnaping, wrongful imprisonment, theft, potentially trading information with the alliance, potential illegal use of blight.

. Ruthus Plaguemonger
. Doctor Rasomil Knoctrum
. Bishop Pelaious Silvertongue
. Galilee
. Priestess Silaine
. Deathstalker Umbra (Supposed Alias)
. Deklavar
. Ansadril
. Lorettamay
. Lucius Valerius Vaebaen

Any information on the above persons will be appreciated and compensated. Bringing proof of their demise, or bringing them in alive will be appreciated and compensated. They are dangerous Forsaken, and should be handled with caution.

Remember; Hellscream’s eyes are upon you. Lok’tar Ogar!

-High Warlord Skullcrusha of the Kor’kron Legion

The following message would be found nailed to various walls throughout the major Horde cities, written in a dark crimson. The seal of the Kor’Kron would be found imprinted into each message at the bottom.”