In Defense Of The Dark Lady

“Once more the Crusade pressed forward, and this time were so foolish as to¬†assault¬†the Undercity. The Apothecaries shall be busy for sometime with their fresh new supply of corpses and bodily parts. -B”

Forsaken RP Guild

We waited in the sewers, expecting the attack to take the easiest and most direct path to the Dark Lady. Instead, the Crusade boldly charged through the ruins into the city proper. It was smart on their part to avoid the smile in the Undercity sewers.

Field scouts provided intell on troop movement and what we might expect. Prior to riding to the Crusade attack, there was a rousing speech.

Forsaken rp-pvp

The fighting in the Undercity was intense, and brutal. Members of the Horde and Alliance alike were slain, all the same the Forsaken stood firm and pushed back these so called Crusaders.

More than just Forsaken fought to defend the Undercity.

The brawling is large scale, and bloody.

Fighting in the Undercity.

Once defeated and pushed from the Undercity, the Crusade fell back to regroup.

After having defeated the Crusade and pushed them out of the Undercity, attempts were made to demand a surrender. The attempts made to press for surrender were met with hostility. In the end, the Crusaders were pushed from our lands.