Under Handed Dealings

“The Kor’Kron have long over stayed their welcome in our lands. Eager to see Garrosh removed we have been entertaining talks and engagements against the Kor’Kron. Recently the Troll leadership has been courting Alliance favor in this matter. Many members of the Horde who hate Garrosh are loath to accept Alliance aide, fearing a betrayal. Everywhere the oppressed are forced to choose between accepting Alliance aide, or living under Garrosh.

At the meeting the Alliance were quick and eager to derail talks. The meeting intended to discuss Garrosh’s demise with Alliance aide quickly melted down into hostilities against the Forsaken. I can’t say that the Forsaken have not earned our reputation, that being said the Alliance well…the words exchanged were not pretty. Keeping the bigger picture in mind, I formally withdrew the Forsaken from the public eye, and that we will aide from Shadow to…..keep the Alliance focused on their task.

The truth be said, I feel that the Alliance fear the threat we pose to any betrayal they plan. That being said, I left with new sympathetic contacts in the Alliance, and new throats I want to cut. -B”

Upon arriving in Ratchet, I stumble upon the gathering Alliance forces. This is not an overly comforting sight. Many we known to have engaged in very hard anti Forsaken and Horde matters.

Once more Volk rallies the oppressed.

There are many in the crowd who refuse to be allies with the Alliance. Too many of us know of the sting of Alliance betrayal.

Leaders from both sides gather. The Trolls shall not stand alone.

In the end, we thought it wiser to keep the Forsaken presence limited. The Alliance refused to not engage in ‘friendly fire’ upon undead. All the same, many Alliance present did not agree with the manner in which we were treated. Afterward, I attended more than one meeting where truces were offered if only for mutual benefit. We shall see if these truces hold true…