Stratholme, dear

Stratholme, dear

Stratholme was alive with thrill
As the grain arrived from the mill
Men gathered from far and wide
Each closing the distance with a perilous ride

Joy and laughter came and went
Streets did fill as time was spent
Women danced as ribbons flow
Wrapping up and around a pole

The food was plenty, the drink was fine
They ate and drank and raised their steins
Bards did sing of a heroes shrine
As people cheered with each chorus line

The streets filled with dance and song
As children ran and played along

But now an Evil woke from sleep
And cursed their joy with a darkness deep
For men began to feel the creep
As their sickness did start to seep

Their walking staggered, their bellies clutched
At first they thought they ate too much
But soon they knew it wasn’t such
When some soon lost their sense of touch

An army stood at the gate
Led by a Prince adorned in silver plate
The people came, and cried for aid
But the Prince stood unswayed

The Prince soon gave a command
That caused the soldiers to band
They took up arms in hand
And charged so none could withstand

As each soldier plunged their sword
Deep within the bellies of the gorged
The peoples cries for mercy went ignored
As the streets ran with the blood poured

Each soldier took up a fire brand
Their mournful eyes and shaking hands
Soon to set fire to Stratholmes lands
All at their Prince’s command

The horrors were unveiled
As each child’s body was impaled
Choking on blood as they inhaled
Their lungs collapsing, oh so frail

White-washed walls now stained red
Streets lined with the malformed dead
Soldiers sheathed their weapons as they fled
“This is only the beginning,” their Prince said

The Evil came once more
The slaughtered dead rose from the floor
And as one they screamed and roared
The dead did nothing but hunger for war

And now the joy and cheer have gone and fled
The fires burn forever a blazing red
The masses having suffered and bled
Leaving Stratholme to the dead

For Stratholme, most dear
The remnants unclear
Now the Living are in fear
Of what they wish would disappear

-Written by Silaine