Loyalists Ride On Darnassus

“Warbringer Grosh’kul had long been a friend of mine and battle brother. The General knew of our current status as an Outlaw, and still reached out for our military aide.  He offered to ask for a pardon from our war criminal status in exchange for our aide. Concerned about a potential trap, and the validity of the offer we called for a meeting. Warlord Skullcrusha had issued the decree of our outlaw status and was asked to the meeting. Skullcrusha refused to relent our status, and made a counter offer that our sentence would be reduced from death to life in prison with forced labor. We refused the offer…”

“Officially we did not attend the battle, yet a few of us had a firm defiant streak and were in attendance if only to demonstrate that the orcs did not command where we went, and who we fought. That being said, reports back from the battlefield state that the conflict was a loss. The Alliance defenses were firm, and successfully crushed the offensive. The offensive was largely lucky to survive and retreated with a handful of stolen supplies. It is bitter sweet to hear of the loss, and all the same troubling.

A time will come when the Kor’Kron are the outlaws, and we are only too eager to…aide them. -B”

The Generals face off, and we decline the deal.

The advancing forces, they hoped to collect many heads and supplies. If only they knew what was in store.

A seasoned and battle ready defensive rushed head long into the Loyalist forces.

Defenders respond…

A number of defenders were fallen…

In the end, the Horde Loyalists fell and the Alliance remained standing.