The hunt for Ubent – Rp Mission

“A number of us were asked to join a join mission with the Sunguard. Our task was to hunt a war criminal, the OrcĀ Ubent. The caster in question was a skilled illusionist who was crafty…until the point where Forsaken warlocks joined the hunt with their magic eating demons. alas, Ubent escaped in the very end while his assistants were captured. -B”

The strike team was summoned in, a small task force to try and remain harder to detect.


On the road, the locals avoided us and wisely so. Key to dispelling and detecting illusions was our resident Warlock.

There were complications on the road…and distractions and decoys.


…yes a few of us decided to use an ogre disguise to pass through Ogre territory , don’t ask.


In the end, he escaped and we were left questioning where next the hunt might lead us.