Zepsi’s Fire Festival

“A number of us attended a party Zepsi was hosting, a fire festival. Normally, undead are not social butterflies. All the same, what is not to like about a festival celebrating fire? There were a number of small events, social exchanges, and more. All in all, it was a chance to get out and network some. All the contests were themed around fire or ice concepts. Additionally, there was a raffle for a few rare fire and ice themed pets. I’m told there were 150 tickets for the raffle, and all of them were sold out VERY quickly.

Costume Contest Results

  • In 3rd place was  Dazuk (100 gold and a compass) 
  • There was a tie for second place between Ersbet and Lisa for their stunning gowns (200 gold and potions of luck)
  • The first place was our own Svikari who threatened to burn the rest of the competition to death. Svikari was awarded 500 gold, and a cask of aged wine.

In all it was a way to spend a ending free of stress. Too soon we will be back to the grind of war. -B”


As night fell, the attendees gathered to throw fireworks all at once….a few frost mages were standing by to deal with any ‘unintentional’ fires.


Some of the entries into the fire and ice themed fashion contest.


First place winner of the fire themed fashion contest.