Clergy Crusaders By Sea

“It seems that in the dark of night the Clergy Crusaders landed and launched a surprise attack. At the time of their arrival we were in Southshore engaging in planning and reviewing weapons, armor, and information. Joining the fray, we found a slaughter. The Clergy had cleared out an area, killing any undead present regardless of military or civilian status. More alarming, was that they settled just outside Deathknell at the Calston Estate, which puts the Valkyr in danger. While surveying the damage and handling scouting reports, we did stumble into a rather heated encounter. That being said, we shall now join the fray.-B”

Tavern night was more of a battle review, and prep session. While we was engaging in planning, the Crusaders had landed in the Glades, arriving by sea.

We were able to briefly get around the bulk of the fighting and encamped forces to survey the remains of the fight at the Calston Estate. Not long after we departed, the Clergy were fortifying their hold and clearing out the last of Forsaken troops.

At this time the open roads in the Glades are full pf peril, and it seems Paladins. Many Forsaken were once in life followers of the Light, some still are. One of our own Zamboozle tried to reason with the Clergy to no avail. Once reason was exhausted, insults and threats were to follow…

We are reaching out to various contacts to try and find information out about the relics that the Clergy want….if only to find and destroy them.