The Tale of Three

” In the recent conflict, the Alliance have made sport of killing Forsaken civilians and burning settlements. Many of these murders seem impersonal, as the Alliance deems that all Forsaken are to die. The Alliance does not see civilians in our lands, and has declared that none shall be spared if found. In Deathknell I bore witness to a particularly gruesome series of murders. Of the many war crimes I have witnessed the murder of these three seemed to represent so much of what is wrong. The murder of these three illustrated the hypocrisy of the Alliance and Clergy… this is the tale of the murder of three.

Deathknell is a hub for the newly risen. The dead have many needs. They need training, armor, weapons, comfort, direction, and questions answered. Those who work in Deathknell have critical, and yet low profile lives. Joking, new Forsaken are often refereed to as shovelheads. Shovelheads are undead who are so fresh that the gravedigger who was burying them, hit them with a shovel as they climbed back out of the grave. Working with shovelheads is thankless work.

With the Alliance so close to Deathknell, all critical persons were removed from the area, leaving behind a collection of civilians and persons deemed unimportant. Of those left behind, were the three. Tailors, and understanding souls these woman were visited by countless Priests, Warlocks, Mages, and any who needed a shirt on their back. Their work was thankless, and their toil without end. Deemed to be noncritical, as they were but civilians, the three were left behind to try and endure the Alliance invasion. Like so many others, they boarded up their homes and settled in to wait – fearful and unarmed.

In the dead of night, their only mistake was looking out a boarded up window to peek at the sounds they heard outside. Outside their home a band of worgen: The Blades of Greymane. Unarmed, what were the three to do as the worgen forcefully broke into their home? All through Deathknell you hear their terrified screams, that soon turned to agony as each was hunted down within their home.

The carnage was easy enough to find once the worgen had left town, setting buildings blaze as they went. On the first floor we found two women, both of whom had been dismembered with their parts flung without care. Both women wore no armor, and bore no weapons. On the second floor, we found the third and final woman. Her closet had been ripped open, and clothing scattered about – we can only guess that she had been hiding in the closet and was found. Judging by the state of her body, the worgen had taken a special offense to this woman: as she was a beheaded mangled mess.

Three civilians, hiding in their home. Three women, who never knew combat. Three souls who’s only crime was being at the wrong place at the wrong time. No armor, no weapons. The alliance speaks of rules of engagement, and demands that these rules be observed…and yet breaks them with ease.

And so we collected the heads of our murdered sisters….and affixed them to a battle standard. From there, they rode out to us to confront their murders. It is not wise to provoke us, our wrath is terrible. -B”

Cowering for her life….what does a simple unarmed tailor have to offer against an armed and armored worgen?

Words of anger, plans for revenge…

The Standard of Three – guild relic.

Clergy and Alliance confronted, and refusing to stop killing civilians…