UC Nexus Heraldry

UC Nexus Coat-Of Arms

UC Nexus Heraldic Achievement

What: Undercity Nexus Guild Coat-of-Arms
Virtues: Cunning, Loyalty, Wisdom/Knowledge
What it all means: The coat-of-arms is divided in half, symbolizing the struggle the Forsaken face: do they seek redemption and humanity, or embrace the monsters that the world made them and take on the bloody path of revenge. Revenge, and Redemption are both represented by crowns, signifying their power over the lives of so many undead. The undead steeds symbolize loyalty, and also a willingness to work. The raven represents learning, and cunning – often a herald to other things. The human skulls represent mortality. The scroll represents learning and wisdom.

The scroll at the bottom of the shield features wisdom, and cunning in the background, so that when they combine the message on the scroll is that “with wisdom and cunning you can prevail”. On the side of revenge, the Dark Lady’s crest has higher importance than anything else – her followers embrace her bloody path. On the side of redemption the Dark Lady’s crest has lower ranking, as many doubt and question her path.

Colors: Silver is the metals of war, blue is for the peace many of us seek but shall never have. Gold is used for the crowns to represent the sovereign power that the paths of revenge and redemption seem to have over so many Forsaken. The red gems in the revenge crown are for passion and blood. The blue gems for the peace and inner reflection often sought.