The Rescue of Turalyon

“What would Turalyon think of his followers, to know that their sins ran so….deep? If that man still lives, and is found we shall soon know. ┬áThe Clergy have rode on, using the information gleamed from the stolen relics they took from us – and we have followed. The Clergy started this, we shall see it finished. -U”



Facing off, the Alliance need to push past the Horde to move along. The numbers are squared off, the lust for blood over whelming.

A number of the Nexus members turned out, and were eager to get revenge for what happened in the Glades.tumblr_mrgbpngMV81squgdeo8_1280

The battle for the bridge was bloody, and unleashed so much fury in the members of the Horde. We sought not just revenge, but an outlet for our frustrations and we found it in slaughtering Alliance.


The Horde pushed beyond the bridge and into the Alliance holding…and there the blood ran thick.tumblr_mrgbpngMV81squgdeo5_1280

The Alliance fought hard, but….lacked the zeal and heart we had. For the Alliance this is an affair of ideology, for the Horde this is blood.tumblr_mrgbpngMV81squgdeo6_1280

In the end, the Alliance were pushed back and the fighting shall resume once the Horde has tended to it’s wounded…this is not over.