A Night Off – Booty Bay Ball

“The 6th annual Booty Bay Ball was the perfect excuse for a number of us to cut loose for a night before the Seige of Org.  The sights at the Ball were a bit chaotic, and fun. Typical and true to our nature, we ended up huddled around a table playing drinking games with dice instead of socializing. Interestingly, the drinking game attracted a few others who decided to play with us. The rules of the drinking game is simple.

‘Deader Dice’ RP Drinking Game: using the dice roller have everyone playing roll. Whoever rolls the lowest is the person who has to share personal truth or a lie about them self. If caught lying the person drinks. Players who guess the story wrong drink.

Years ago, I use to play Deader Dice while sitting around in the Gallow’s End between deployments. Tonight was a good night to teach the old tradition to a few new shovelheads.

Up next….the liberation of the Undercity from the KorKron. No mercy. -U”

Deader Dice with a few ….outsider additions.

The Ball itself was rather sprawled out, with various social circles present.

There were a few confrontations between the likes of Alliance and Horde. Worgen and Forsaken just do not mix well: ever.

The bar inside was just as busy.

There was a wide variety of….interesting attire worn for the evening.

Not everyone wore formal attire for the evening…