Cult Of Forgotten Shadow Sermon #5


Sermon Five
“Life And Existing” by Priestess Silaine

When: Sept 8th, 213 @ 8pm server.

Greetings to you all, it has been some time since I have stood before you and I welcome each face- new and old to tonight’s lecture. As always this evening will become an open forum- each of you may speak freely and ask of me or each other what you will. I only request that all questions or comments are held until the lectures close at which point you will all be better equipped with an understanding of the topic.

At my previous lectures I have spoken of a personal power. To quickly reiterate, the general concept I have been driving forward is that each individual is responsible for their own existence. Each person is responsible for their desires, their failures and their achievements. Each person may possess the power to shape their life in the image they desire. The tenacity to accomplish such goals must stem from the ultimate truth that our existence is meaningless- the only purpose we serve in this plane is the purpose one assigns to oneself and the will they exert to see that purpose fulfilled.

This evening I wish to speak of the nature of existence- to open our eyes to the reality of the world and to inspire those who are lost to find grounds to continue with a purpose and seize their life for their own. Before I continue any further I wish to make an important distinction between life and the act of ‘being alive’- Life as I refer to it, is a state of ones existence, a phrase that plainly means that they do exist whether living or Forsaken.

The reality of this world is that all who exist within it are sure to die. Not one person may outrun this fate, no matter how great they think to be, death will always recognize us. What I speak is true for all races- all beings within this universe. My brethren of the Forsaken, we are not spared from this fate. Although we have experienced death we still possess a life, we still exist within this world. We cannot outrun the clock of death anymore than any other being- it will catch us just as it catches them and we too will cease to exist.

For this reason we must each recognize the significance of time and learn to balance ourselves within it so we may lead a life worth living. We must realize that our life is long and for that we are blessed- we possess a sufficient amount of time to exist and to experience what other beings would not. Our life is so generous that if we were to focus ourselves on our greatest desires we would surely be gifted with achievement.

We must not be consumed by luxuries and carelessness or our life shall pass before we are aware it has passed. We must invest time within ourselves for the betterment of our existence, we must remain faithful to our purpose and strive to achieve that which is important. We cannot be wasteful of our lives, we cannot allow ourselves to be consumed by the despair of this world- we must accept the responsibility of our life and acknowledge that we have the power to shape it.

Many follow no fixed aim, constantly shifting what they believe to be meaningful- what they believe to be purposeful. They are forever thrown into new plans and allow themselves to be whisked away in the nature of others ambitions or in their own confusion. These individuals become dissatisfied with life as they realize that only a small part of their existence has been spent living while a great deal was spent simply existing. Leaving them no closer to their goals then they found themselves years ago.

We must lay a claim to ourselves and not allow our time to be wasted upon another. Worse than wasting your own time upon the silliness of indecision is the act of wasting time on another. Preoccupying yourself with the nature of anothers ambition, allowing yourself to become so consumed by another’s pursuit that you have adopted the others sleep schedule, walked by their pace and obeyed their orders. Allowing yourself to love and hate as they do with no mind to your own perceptions.

If you wish to know how short your lives are then reflect how small a portion is really your own.

Invest time within yourselves, set clear goals- define your purpose for existing and work towards those goals. Allow yourself to become inspired by life rather than consumed by it. Learn to live rather than to exist.