The Purge Of Kor’Kron From The Undercity

(At the most recent meeting of Horde guilds we proposed a night dedicated to the forsaken purging the KorKron from the Undercity. The Night was to be an open rp event in which multiple guilds and random players could join in on. Here is the screenshots from our particular story, which has not yet been coordinated with others who came out.)

“The Kor’Kron have long held an oppressive sway in the Undercity. Since Putress’ betrayal there have been Kor’Kron stationed all through the Undercity – an increasingly abrasive and abusive presence. ¬†Word of trouble in the Vale combined with the growing Rebellion sparked a planned coup among the Forsaken. Long through the afternoon, evening, and into the morning the sounds of bloody combat could be heard through the Undercity. The Overseers were loath to easily step aside, knowing that if they retreated Garrosh would show them no mercy….and we have far worse in store for them.

A bounty was placed, 25 gold per head.

Among our ranks, a number of persons were seriously injured and will require downtime. The rest of us, will enjoy a short celebration before riding on to deal with Garrosh’s madness. -U”

Rally in the ruins, we gathered to discuss which path we would take. While discussing our plans, a few outsiders joined us. Most notable of the outsiders was a Goblin…who we tried to bribe into acting as ‘bait’ for the Kor’Kron in an “interesting” manner involving a lack of clothing.

Few of us remain who can recall a time before the Kor’Kron. The older veterans welcome the chance to see Abominations standing guard once more.

James and Plaguebreath issued marching orders…

Into the thick of it we march, killing as we go. We were among the first to begin the fight. All through the night, we could hear fights elsewhere, and see evidence of the brawls made obvious by the blood and gore left behind. In the city proper we split into two strike teams, and kept tabs on one another through our comms.

Marching toward our final brawl for the night, the liberation of the Labs and the head Overseer within. Each of our groups cleared a quarter in the Undercity, and left the other areas to other teams beyond our command.

Our two groups met and combined forced in the labs. The fight in the labs was intense – as the Overseer had called in his guards to act as reinforcements for his final stand. Farnell’s laughter at the Orc’s plight was….delightful if not haunting.

The final brawl was ugly, as a number of us were already wounded and the Overseer was backed against the wall with nothing to lose. Ansadril landed the killing blow – and with the final strike we were able to rest and seek repairs for our injuries. All through the rest of the night we would listen to the sounds of fighting, Orc’s dying, and at last our own liberty.