100 And Growing

OOC Guild News

The guild just recruited its 100th character! As an rp guild, that’s a pretty big bench march! On many nights we average 10 to 15 players, and have an increasingly active pool of rp talent to work with. To celebrate a group of us teamed up and ran the Isle for a few hours, farming up the novelty / rp items. In particular, we worked on the dive helm. How better to celebrate than to have under water knife fights with pirate monkeys?

Dartfall ended up somehow drowning during the farming – accounting for the first ever accidental death by drowning I have ever seen for a Forsaken. I didn’t even know Forsaken had a drown animation / pose!

The guild gathers…to cut a bitch.

Ban actually is shockingly good at knife fighting pirate monkeys. So good she could be one.


Further proof that underwater breathing as a racial is useless: I present Dartfall’s shame XD