The Rebels March (Rp-pvp)

“The past evening at Razorhill was a flurry of activity. The Rebel’s are ready to strike, and the Alliance forces are securely entrenched in Durator. Every time I go to ride patrol out in the desert sands, it is equally easy to stumble upon Alliance as it is Kor’Kron. Wisely, the Rebels and Alliance have cut a variety of deals in public and private arenas to keep the conflict oriented toward Garrosh.

For all our best efforts, old bad blood is hard to ignore. The meeting between Alliance and Horde was a bloody one, that ended on uneasy terms. If it is to be believed, the source of the conflict came from a Kor’Kron loyalist who aimed to sabotage the talks by attacking the Alliance leadership.

It is only too easy for both sides to melt down into hostility. How long until after Garrosh falls are the Forsaken the next target? -U”


Even the Goblin’s are out putting their necks on the line. It seems they have had enough, and don’t regard Garrosh’s abuse worth the gold.


The ride out to the meeting point between groups was fairly uneventful though tense.


It didn’t take long for the dialog to break down as an Orc broke from the gathering and rushed head long into the Alliance, triggering a brawl.


The Alliance soon learned that the Rebel’s have not lost their teeth, and our anger and frustration is a terrible force to deal with. The brawling ended with a solid victory for the Rebels.


Bloodied, but not yet down for the count the Alliance called out for cooler words and minds. A brief meeting was held on the field and then moved elsewhere to avoid more…zealous brawlers.


Matters were cleared in the ruins of the old Keep, though there is no telling for how long this ‘peace’ will last.