Ritae Of Ichor

“Tonight within the Nexus key members were raised on high. The efforts of James, Plaguebreath, and Silaine are an inspiration to many and will help to direct the future path we take. James has been a key diplomatic envoy, and friendly face who has helped to build many bridges and cement our political strength and connections. Plaguebreath has been the steady and strong soldier, who has braved a good many dangers in our name and to protect our interests. Silaine…..labors to save our souls.

With their aide, we have grown and become so much more than a gathering of Undead. The Nexus is an Order, a safe haven. We are the Shadow cast by the Light. -U”

(Grats on the promotions guys! Tonight’s event was a special promotion ritual night for the upper ranks of the guild! This guild is growing, and doing great! This guild would not be what it is, and will be without everyone’s help! The rp tonight was great, we had 17 people total out just for this night within the guild! Seeing so many undead gathered and riding in the world made a lot of people stop and watch in awe, even sending curious whispers to convey how impressed people were to see such a strong Forsaken presence in the game. Thank you everyone who came out tonight, and helped to make these promotions extra special.)

Rally in the ruins, the location of choice was intended to have great meaning. A number of us chattered, an equal number of us reflected on just where we gathered. It is here where Arthas struck down his Father that we began our own journey, ever so tied to that faithful moment.

While in friendly lands, we made it a point to ride through a few outposts if only to see to it that their fortifications were secure and that they did not need aide.

The ride south had a few scattered encounters, mostly with confused dwarves. There was a nude woman running about…


Into the depths we go, and there among the dead we perform our ritae.

James rises, takes his vow…and his brand. Any pain displayed would have been a display of weakness, and thus James would have been deemed unfit to lead.


Plaguebreath is but a common Deathguard, a man who understands the value of a hard days work. A man who understands his duties to others above himself.


Siliane seeks to save our souls, and shall do so through the Shadow. The light has failed us, why seek it?

At the end of the evening, a woman approached us. She had seen us ride out. Sickly, she was dying the lingering death that some would say is cancer. She did not want to die young, and so sought our aide…to ferry her into the ranks of the undead. Many of us were fascinated by this choice and act, as we were denied the choice.


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