A change of space, and raiding…

“The Undercity Nexus rallies once a week to discussion the current political scene of the Horde, their own struggles, and generally enjoy the time and company of fellow undead. More commonly known as Tavern nights, we use to host these meetings in the South Shore Inn. As of tonight, the meetings have moved to Ambermill, where the Nexus is closer to the Forsaken battle front and able to better respond to the Worgen and Alliance threat.

I recently received a ‘Call To Arms’, and so I rallied the Nexus to address the matter. On this night the Nexus rode out to “recruit”. Two teams of Forsaken rode out, armed and swift moving in search of graves to pillage. One smaller faster covert team braved the perils of the Worgen held lands, and did not leave untouched. A Nexus member is unaccounted for, and there is growing concern that he is captive or dead.

The other larger team headed out even further, braving the Wetlands in search for fresh graves. When next we ride, we shall have to press deeper into hostile territory. -U”

*Screenshots from the Wetlands crew pending. A total of 16 players took part in tonight’s DM world rp event.*


Ambermill has chairs, which is weirdly exciting for us. Don’t ask, we really miss the Gallow’s End.


Henry has been places on vigil pending promotion for his battlefield service.


A small, and swift raid team headed into hostile territory. One of us is still missing in action.


We found a number of fresh graves, not all of them yielded results worthy of “recruitment”. For some, this was bitter sweet.

After the smaller team dropped off the bodies off at the Silverpine meat wagon for collection, we gave pause to inspect ourselves for injuries and wonder where our missing scout is. He is still unaccounted for.