Siege Of Orgimmar, The Underhold (RP-PvP event)

“The Kor’Kron are crumbling under the overwhelming assault they face.  No race, no army, no nation is truly ever an Island. When out numbered, they will fall. Watching Orgimmar come undone has been a harrowing and first hand lesson as to what the Forsaken can expect. The Kor’Kron will be offered scant mercy, and yet it will be a far more generous mercy than the Forsaken shall face.

The Nexus continues to grow, if only because people seek shelter int he storm. Increasingly the disenchanted find their way into our ranks. No one dare enter into open rebellion against the Dark Lady. It is her actions that has lead us down such a grim path. Within the Nexus ranks and Orders are forming. 

With the Dance Of the Dead coming up, we can only hope to send a fearful message to those who might be turned away.

And so the cycle of violence continues. -U”

The Kor’Kron dug in, and were waiting for a fight. They would not easily buckle, yet how much longer can they hold on? (OOC: The non-orc characters in the screenshot were stand in troops to help balance the fight.)

The Alliance Forces are flooding into Orgimmar, great battles taking place in the city streets and pushing into the Underhold. The Kor’Kron are not easily buckling and put up great resistance.


The Alliance and Kor’Kron alike have pulled out all stops, no dark art too taboo for the battlefield.


Men and women of all races were present on the battlefield, the humans seeming especially eager for revenge.

Regardless of the Siege Of Orgimmar, we are returning to the Undercity to prepare for the storm coming our way, and to celebrate…