Battle At The Darrow (RP-PVP)

Battle At The Darrow (RP-PvP, Event Summary)

Alliance Perspective: Currently, the Alliance are eagerly searching out information sources on the Dance Of The Dead. Various Alliance groups have been sent to scout to learn more information in regards to the Forsaken’s celebration – along the way several Alliance scouts were captured by the Forsaken.Loath to passively stand by as their peers were “recruited” into the Forsaken ranks, the Alliance acted swiftly to confront the captors to liberate their peers.

Horde Perspective: An Alliance strike force was causing problems for the Forsaken and their allies. The fact of the matter is that a leading official within the Deathguard allied about the true nature of the matter to rally troops. The Horde’s forces thought that they were simply defending against an Alliance offensive.

Results: The fighting was brutal, each side believing their cause just. At times both sights were locked into a stale mate, eventually the Alliance over coming out of only the sheer desperate desire to save their peers. Victorious  though bloodied, the Alliance reclaimed their captive peers and then made a hasty retreat to safety. Defeated, the Horde forces scattered to tend to their wounds.


Answering the call to Arms, various forces rallied in the ruins of Lordaeron.


At the Darrow itself, both forces met and soon the blood or ichor was flowing. Impassioned, both sides bought tooth and nail.


At the end of the conflict, the Alliance proved victorious and reclaimed their captive brethren.


Post battle, members of the Nexus were in need of medical care. One newly risen member who still clings to the Light sought the comfort of the Light, only to regret it.