The Horsemen And Our Liberation

“Hallow’s End is an especially popular holiday among the Forsaken. Many of the new shovel heads do not understand the significance behind the holiday, and so they have to be taught.  The celebration of our liberation is the most significant, if not holy of our holidays. It marks the transition from Scourge, to freedom, to Forsaken.  Still today the Forsaken, and mostly those who are citizens of Lordaeron cling to this festival as an outlet for lively celebration and a chance to kick back.  Bishop Pelaios hosted a sermon to mark the occasions, speaking on its history and then encouraging others to speak out about what the holiday meant for them.

Elsewhere, preparations for the Dance Of the Dead are under way. Warrants are being executed with ruthless effectiveness … -U”

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A wide variety of people attended the Sermon, and through the evening many wandered into the sermon and joined us.1zluqtj

The Bishop faces a grim outlook as Horde and Alliance regard him as an oddity if not a threat. As a true and proper citizen of Lordaeron, the Bishop lays proper claim to his title as the Bishop of Lordaeron, alone in his station.forsakenrp_guild

Teams of Forsaken are eagerly seeking out those who have been deemed enemies of the state. The Labs are becoming crowded with prisoners.