The Dominion Of The Sun Celebrates

“The Dominion Of The Sun and the Nexus have some old roots. While both groups may not agree with one another, there is an element of begrudging support that crosses ethical and moral lines due to the gravity of our mutual situation. Wanting to step away from the long stretch of conflict we have faced, we headed out to celebrate with the Dominion and for just one night perhaps even feel like…we belongs. -U”


Undead really don’t have much in the way of …fashion options for these affairs. In such a setting, we always look painfully out of place. In light of tensions, it’s generally wisest to stay armored and armed.

The Fashion Contest had a wide variety of style represented in it. Interesting, one of our own placed second, while a Pandarian placed in first.

Xelth also took first place for the speech contest.

The dueling contest had a wide reception with many brawlers coming out to represent.

The pet battling was fairly popular, if not a bit bloody.