The Shovel Head Rises

“She died in the field, answering the call of duty at my hands. A sworn foe allied with the Worgen, the human died without knowing my face or why she was cut low. With her death, the chance at information too died…only it did not. Tonight, she crawled free from her grave and we met with a reception. Rasomil and Abaddon will handle her interrogation. If she does not welcome undeath, death is always an option. -U”


On the battlefield, one does not ask questions so much as seize the moment. She died with a dagger in the back, poison in her veins, and a garrot wire about her throat.


Covered and dirt, and still confused she faced a rather grim reception. Most of us were sympathetic to her plight, and confused state.

Ultimately she is just a victim of fate. Perhaps in time she might join our ranks. For now, she is a person of interest in our keep.