The Forge

“After the execution, we were with several potential holy relics for the Light in our possession, we were faced with the problem that the items would have to be destroyed or else Crusaders would desire them. These items were slotted for destruction until a Cult Of Forgotten Shadow Priestess suggested defilement and a new purpose. Sword, heart and head needed a place of great power to undo the taint of the Light….

….and so we sought out a forge of terrible power. The journey to this forge, and the perils we faced along the way were not forgiving. On foot we fought our way through the shattered remains of the scourge forces, and the other forgotten horrors of the north. At the forge proper, we were faced with the fact that few actually could use the forge, much less escape it’s corruptible influence. -U”

From the Undercity to the North, our arrival in Vengeance Landing was bitter sweet. Many of us had not returned to the north since the war.


Along the way through Northrend, we paused to ponder it’s beauty and speak on the struggles we faced since the fall of the Lich King. Svar and Rasomil acted as out land guides.

Fighting our way into Ice Crown was violent, if not psychologically traumatic for some. Nearing our destination we fought on…

The forge itself did not allow for just anyone to use it. Our warlocks and shadow priests tried to wield it’s power, and few were successful. More so, more than one walked away from their attempts, tainted by it’s “touch”. Ultimately we were successful in the defilement and repurposing of the three items, but at what cost?