Dragonmaw Siege – Day 4

World Of Warcraft rp

“Victory at Bloodgulch made the Horde’s forces bold. We decided to press to the Wetlands, to wipe out the Alliance there only to be repelled. The Alliance’s forces rallied, and put on a strong defense. Defeated, we returned to the Twilight Highlands and then…home. -U”

(RP-PVP event outcome: Twilight Highlands Battle – Horde victory. Wetlands Battle – Alliance victory.)

From Bloodgulch Horde forces pushed to the Wetlands for an offensive push against the Alliance.

Once more on the battlefield we faced an old foe. Today, the Horde would not know victory as we have in the past.

Now on the defensive the Alliance rallied, and put on a strong fight. They were not eager to lose home ground, and made us bleed for our bravado.