Day 1 – Feralas Campaign (RP-PVP)

“We have enjoyed the lull in bloodshed as of late. All the same, when presented with a chance to ride out to battle we were eager to saddle up and deploy. Our night first began with reports of hostilities in Arathi, after an extensive patrol we found little to sate our blood lust on and so from there rode out to join our allies ‘First Light’. The rally was at Thunder Bluff, and from there we rode south into the forest of Feralas. There, we found a fight and left the battlefield victorious. -U”


Arathi was quiet, and did not grant us the battlefield distraction we so desired.


At Feralas we were once more alongside old friends, and new ones. Our first objective was the capture of a artifact of some unknown interest.


The bulk of the fighting took place in Feathermoon. Though we were victorious, the city did not easily cave to our assault, and their leader surprised a number of us with the power of Elune she commanded.