Arathi Campaign – The Caravan

“Though defeated on the fight night of combat, we will not so easily yield or let this dampen our spirits. -U”

The siege has begun, and based on the skirmishes is already bloody. To try and turn back the tide of war, and the odds into the favor of the Horde we rode out to strike at a supply caravan of critical goods.

Horde rally before ride out.

The Horde caught the caravan outside the tunnel, blindsiding them. Clashing headlong into their forces, the fighting was bloody. There were heavy losses on both sides, and the wounded were dragged off the battlefield at alarming numbers. A medical station was held at Hammerfall, and soon was flooded with the injured.

Soldiers and leaders alike fell, the Horde was defeated…barely. The smell of blood, open wounds coupled with groans of pain made the Hammerfall camp less than peaceful overnight.