Arathi Campaign – Victory and Blood

“Victory….and then rest. We were successful vultures and plucked from the battlefield many humans for resurrection, and for repair purposes. -U”


Hammerfall became our base camp. We settled in there alongside the Dawnfury, First Light, Megabucks, and others of the Horde. The location because a medical base, ideal for us to use to hide the bodies of dead humans at….to avoid the Alliance from assaulting the location to pillage the battlefield dead we acquired.


A number of the members of the Nexus helped to assault an Alliance settlement. The Legion of Vengeance lead the charge, proving troops with chemical spraying equipment that proved very effective against our foes.


Eventually the fighting pressed to the front Gates of the Keep. There the Horde faced bitter resistance as Arathi natives and Alliance tried to repel the Horde in vain.

The Alliance were defeated, their forces pressed into retreat. We cleaned out the Keep, and there the leaders of the Horde gathered with their core to discuss victory. Ultimately, the Keep was left in ruin and rebuild efforts thwarted for now.