Blitz – Recruitment & Medical Supplies

The need for parts for repairs, and supplies for our people is hard to ignore. Given our unique state, we are often pressed to resorting to scavenging from the dead. A number of the members of the Nexus lead by the Executioner rode south, to effectively go ‘shopping’. The purpose was not military, so much as medical. Everyone riding out was under strict orders to engage in conflict save for self defense and to not assault civilians. -U”

Gathering, many were eager to ride out while others held their reservations.

Riding out we had a set course for settles to the south, ones with established graveyards.

Along the way we were ambushed, and our collection of medical supplies and the dead were ripped from our grasp.

Along the way, we ended up needing additional mounts. After having lost our first batch of corpses and medical supplies we needed to reacquire new steeds. Meet Brisket.

Heading back home, we did not have as much in the way of supplies as desired. All the same, we took what we needed to make a number of repairs.