Member Of The Month – April 2014


Member Of The Month: Sister Serata MacDermott, Cult Of Forgotten Shadow

RP Name: Sister Serata MacDermott

Character / Class: Serata, 90 Shadow Priest/scribe for the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow.

What thinks of the Undercity Nexus: “They are…unique. Not always what the people they speak to consider appealing, but they are comforting to me. A home, I guess, for people of my type. Perhaps…” 

Birth Place: Moonbrook, Westfall.

Description: Normally shrouded beneath a hood attached to strangely impeccable robes of office, Serata’s head is partly caved in on the left side, the shape of it held by two crisscrossing leather straps stretched across her face. A little grey matter dots her hair along with dried blood and the odd fungal bloom, all of which combine to give it a characteristic purple hue and spiked-out structure.

Her visible facial skin is pallid and marred by recent hasty stitching and patching from other sources, and only her right eye socket appears to have any kind of functionality – the left one remains dim and half-collapsed. Her cheeks have begun to decompose starting at the corners of her mouth, and are sewn into a permanent macabre mockery of a grin that stretches up to her ears. The skin on the rest of her body is nearly translucent pale blue and stretched taut over a bony frame. She has nearly no muscle left to speak of and even less body fat.

A string of well-worn onyx prayer beads is wound around her thin right wrist and hand. One of the beads is a little larger than the others and is shaped like an anatomically correct heart. If you look closely enough, you would note ink stains on her fingertips. A little black prayer book hangs on a dainty (though tarnished) chain from her belt, and there is a large scroll case stamped with the seal of the Loremasters on her back. Any weapons she carries swim with Sha energies.

Her voice is hollow, raspy and almost monotone. She seems to have few genuine emotional expressions to her at all. She smells of embalming fluid. She is always followed by one or more ravens, and refers to them all as Bertram.

Aspirations: “I…am not certain. No one has asked before, I guess…my memories would be useful, maybe. And if I can be of service to anyone inside the organization, that is good too. At least, the second one is what Dark Cleric Duesten told me when he sent me to them, so many months ago…”