Tournament Of Thorns

Tournament Of Thorns


    1. 1st Place – Vurkgol – fighting on behalf of Megabucks Cartel
    1. 2nd – Avaluria – fighting for the cause of ‘Peace, love, and tolerance.’
             3rd – Kelavin – fighting on behalf of the Sunguard. 

OOC: The Tournament of Thorns went off without a hitch, and was a HUGE success! A lot of people came together to make this event possible, a special thanks to the Umbrella Enclave, Xulili, the sponsors and everyone in the Undercity Nexus who helped make this event possible no matter how big or small they contributed!

We really love this format, and will use this again in the future!

Total raised for the Humane Society: $50!!!!!! The full amount! Thank you Moon Guard for helping out homeless pets!


The Tournament Of Thorns had a record turn out, with the elite organizations of the Horde in attendance as well as many leaders. Everyone in attendance was eager to see the tournament play out.

The Cult Of Forgotten Priestess Sereta, a member of the Nexus, offered a opening prayer and blessing for the Champions. Unexpectedly they knelt before her, awaiting her words of encouragement and empowerment.


The duels were brutal, and no one easily yielded. The audience was frequently impressed, and cheers and chants could be heard through the night. During the opening round, the Champions were to first salute their generous patron, and then announce their cause. Afterward, they were free to lay on.

Aside from the tournament, there were other distractions offered. The Cult put forward one of their Priest, who in turn offered Death Predictions to those brave enough to learn of their ultimate fate. The death predictions were rather popular after the tournament had finished.