To Northrend & The New Liason

There are too many questions unanswered, and needs still needing to be met.

“For years Northrend has been long regarded as a conquered land, and in turn left largely unchecked. The truth is that there are still many active Scourge holdings, and covert Cult Of The Damned cells active and now laboring without any military threat. Between Deathwing and Garrosh the combined forces of the Alliance and Horde alike have been woefully distracted await from this lingering threat. Not even Dalaran remains in the North anymore. Interestingly, this may serve our agendas and ends…

The Scourge and Cultists are some of the foremost experts on Necromancy. Their research and understanding of the arts is unrivaled. When first the Alliance and Horde swept through Northrend, texts and research was destroyed in mass. Now that they have had years to rebuild, our hope is that they have materials of high value. Specifically, my hope is for medical studies on alternatives to healing undead flesh. We will be taking up station in Venomspite.

While in Venomspite, a letter was sent that offers promise. It seems that the last Dawnfury Liaison is out of action, and another has taken her place. The new Liaison has proven social, and at ease around the undead. From her we requested advanced decryption spells, should the materials we uncover be written in code, or warded in a manner as to prevent reading.”

-Deathstalker #1971


Our new Liaison seems unphased by our state of undeath, a refreshing change of pace.