Member of the Month June 2014: Osmion Roh



Rp Name: Osmion Roh

Character/Class: Osmion, 90 Warlock / Fel Pyromaniac

What They Think of the Undercity Nexus:
“Interesting that a group that is so diverse within the Forsaken can work so well together on a singular goal.”

Birth Place/Death Place: Born in Arathi, died in the Violet Hold, Dalaran

Taller than most Forsaken, his face usually looks down at others of his kind perched high upon his shoulders. His face, if not hidden by a mask of sorts would show that somehow kept most of it’s flesh despite some slight decay and a reattached jaw. Unlike many of his comrades due to several of his bones being broken he is quite weak and brittle, a testament to the way in which he died and he is always hunched over.
Gloves cover boney arms devoid of flesh that would at a glance be thought to have been seared off from the elbows down. He is never without one of his powerful staves which he needs to support himself and to walk around. These are gripped tightly by his long boney fingers.

“A weird question to be asked about. My private motivations are just that.”