Return To Northrend

“Recent reports from Northrend indicate a growing threat from a variety of sources up there. Without as many watchers in the north, problems have been allowed to fester. Even the Argent Crusade is desperate for aide, and under manned and out numbered. My higher ups deemed this matter best left to my hands since we are constricted in our actions by the faux peace of the armistice. As such, I was informed to conscript a variety of soldiers for the task and then move north. Who better to conscript than the members of the Nexus? This includes a fresh shovel head Jay, who stumbled into the meeting by chance and has been conscripted on principle. Peace-time does not do us well, and most of us ache for combat. The Dawnfury liaison has elected to join us, and so with the conscriptions handed out we rode out to deploy to the north. -U”

Forsaken RP Guild

Ambermill was busier than usual as everyone arrived with their supplies, and gear in prep for rideout and deployment. The Dawnfury liaison joined us and departed with us.

Mounting up before riding out was bitter sweet, veterans of Northrend were mentally prepared for what lay ahead. Anymore, there are not many veterans left. Their knowledge and experience will be vital for our combined survival.

After arriving we made several stops and check-ins: Vengeance Landing, Venomspite, and last with the Argent Crusade. Reports were grim, with crews only able to hold defensive positions and needing aide offensively. The Argent’s assigned us a scout to remain in contact.