Northrend Campaign: Worgen Hunt – Intel Required

 “Everyone was given a day to settle in, and lend their hands to helping the skeleton crew of troops stationed in Venomspite. Come evening, we rallied to address the first threat at hand: the Worgen ambushes and kidnapping of Forsaken in the Vengeance Landing area. We divided up into two groups, each with a Deathguard Executor at the lead. Desrind and Henry each are veterans of Northrend and are ideal leaders for such duties. The objectives for the groups were simple enough: ride out, capture subjective alive to extract intel from. -U”

With so many threats posed, it is better to gather intel before engaging the foe. Members of the Nexus formed up into patrol lead by Desrind and Henry before riding out to hunt…Worgen in northren Northrend.

The patrols were a mixed lot of newly risen undead and veterans who had experience in the north. The newer risers were overly eager to engage in the North, while the vets were far more cautious.

Desrind’s group rode north, while Henry’s patrol rode east. Both patrols encountered hostilities, and met with semi-feral or feral Worgen. Only one Worgen was captured alive, the brain matter of another brought back for…necromantic research. The captive yielded information after torture, and still remains alive.