Northrend Campaign: The Water Walk

“The Campaign in Northrend is progressing. We have found a wide variety of problems that demand addressing. With so few guardians in the North left, it seems like old threats are resurrecting anew. We were able to capture one, technically two Worgen in regards to the hit and run ambushes being conducted against Vengeance Landing. One whole Worgen, semi feral in mind, was brought back alive and interrogated…while the brains of another was brought back. Through the application of necromancy and interrogation we learned of the hold out of this Worgen next, but not of the intentions as the captured subjects were just low level grunts. The Isle must be investigated, and whatever threats there dealt with. Favoring the cover of night we rode out.

The Dawnfury Diplomatic Liaison has been pleasant company, and eager to get her hands dirty: a refreshing change of pace away from the typical nature of most elves. Alorinis did well when he selected her for our contact. -U”

forsaken guild

With intel on a location for us to respond to, we rallied and rode out with High Executor Dersind taking the lead. Should he fall Deathguards Henry and Lograk were to rise in his place. The ultimate destination was a remote island north of Vengeance Landing.

Arriving under the cover of night on the shores south of the Isle, we elected to walk the distance under the water to the Isle to better remain under cover. The distant mournful howls of Worgen haunted our advance up until the water drown out the sound. What lurks on the Isle needs to be dealt with and the source terror there ended.