Northrend Campaign: Assult & Seige

“Judging by the looks of the returning men and women, the battle was not easily won. Various forsaken show strange signs of lethargy, and intangible wounds. Our resident necromancers are concerned about the arts practiced and that were being researched, believing that the sect was researching unweaving of the magic that animates undead. This would explain the state of the returning soldiers and be troubling in deed. We pillaged what research was found and have to comb over everything. -U”

Within the tower a lab area was discovered, with the missing Forsaken Deathguard being used for research purposes. Sadly, the prisoners were not to survive. From the lab area we uncovered strange research that mixed cult like worship with necromantic practices.

Our entry into the keep much less the battle on the entry level floor was no quiet feat. Having alerted the area of our hostile presence, the inhabitants of the keep staged defenses, and posed a problem as we fought our way through the structure upward. Upon the rooftop tower we found a hold out group conducting a last ditch effort ritual… Those returning to Venomspite did so in an exhausted state. The Argent Crusade has requested copies of the research to verify the material, and insure that we are not arming ourselves with forbidden plunder.