From Scarlets To Below The Ice

“The Scarlets are dealt with and were an interesting problem. Our allies in First Light were able to offer a swift response and offer a counter attack behind the offensive lines, and break them. What we uncovered on the battlefield was grim, and that the Scarlets we faced down had long passed yet remained reanimated as little more than basic ghouls and meat puppets who danced to a masters tune. The few that had remained suffered a unhappy ending, and then even more unhappy resurrection at the hands of the Cult Of the Damned. Hidden away within their ranks, and wearing their vestments the Cult had taken root within the Scarlet hold out in Northrend and had harvested the living there for experiments and worse. 

For now we are rebuilding Venomspite, while courting ideas and solutions to the central and larger Cult problem.  That being said, a recent patrol and resource gathering venture ended in near disaster as we fell through the ice and ended up in a den of hostile narubians.” -Deathstalker #1971U


Riding out of Venomspite, many of us lamented serving against Northrend. Old memories, lost friends, and the pain of our undead state is made ever more clear in the fact that even with Arthas’ destruction we do not know peace. The new scout lead the way, our first stop on patrol was a brief check in with our Argent liaisons who were not happy to see us. With the exception of First Light, our Argent liasons have not been helpful.

The Argents were less than pleased to see us, and it’s clear that relations between the Argent Crusade and the Forsaken are at an all time low.

World Of Warcraft Forsaken RP

Though the patrol was to take us to Icecrown after our brief meeting with the ARgents, we did not make it so far. While still in Dragonblight the ice gave way under the combined weight of our presence and what we fell into was a underground maze where we were very unwelcome.