Interrogation Of The Lich – Soul Forge

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“The trail of the Cult of the Damned has grown cold in Northrend. What we have left over from our purge of the Necropolis is the captive Lich and a parasitic banshee. Given the resolute willpower of the captives and their ability to shrug off standard interrogation tactics I felt that the best method in which we were to conduct their questioning was by putting them through the abandoned Scourge soul forge. First to attempt control of the Soul Forge was Ansadril, who was unable to attune himself to the power of the forge. Secondly was our Deathguard Shield Maiden Mauv, who perhaps due to her recent banshee possession was tainted enough for the forge to welcome her. Never before had we attempted or bore witness to a soul forge being used for torture….nor do we care to repeat the act.

From the information harvested via the Forge the Cultists are active in Azeroth with their primary bases located within the Alliance in Stormwind and even the Forsaken. We will be departing from Northrend shortly to return home. -U”


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