“His name was Desrind Monroe.”


We had ventured to the Soul Forge under the pretense of destroying the treacherous banshee that had called me its host. Unfortunately, things.. got out of hand.

I couldn’t remember who had attacked me, who it was that pushed that banshee into me. But when Riddle pressed the spirit for an answer by using the Soul Forge and Ansadril’s hammer, demanding to know who her master was.. and when she gave up the name, everything fell to shit.

Salvatore Valrond was a death knight recruited by Ickariss, our Quartermaster. The dumb fool didn’t even realize who he was at the time- how could he have known? Valrond was the traitor among us. He had manipulated us all..

..and when the banshee spoke his name, he revealed himself to us, and what was worse- had taken our champion, High Executor Desrind Monroe, captive. But he was not a hostage. Valrond burned Desrind alive, sending him into true death.

We could not find the traitor, and he’d left us a present.. some sort of awful, twisted, monstrosity of the Old Gods. It had crawled forth from a pit, and when we had defeated it, it fell back from whence it came.. taking our Spymistress with it.

One by one, we leapt into the pit to save her, the beast as our cushion- but she did not need our help. We observed, instead, the horrific room we had landed in, so many yards under the world… a chamber filled with hundreds of people, head all bowed. Silent, worshiping, waiting- we evacuated by use of the necromancer’s portal, immediately.

We learned so little, yet experienced so much.. and have lost a man we will never be able to replace.

His name was Desrind Monroe. He was a father, friend, and loyal soldier of the Forsaken. We will memorialize him within the coming week, as is only right.”

– Mauviette