Ride Back To Lordaeron & Returning Desrind’s Remains to Living Kin

Forsaken Rp Guild

Belaras turns to the others, holding the metal urn containing his brothers remains. He takes a deep breathe before speaking. “For so long I hated him, hated… for what he had taken from me, and now? I realize how foolish I was, how rageful… I believed I hated him, loathed your kind entirely, but I was wrong. So many years wasted fighting someone I had grew up with, no parents… no one to care for us, just he and I battling the world side by side. And now? He’s gone, truly gone… and all I feel is empty, hollow. To realize that these last years could have been spent in harmony, trying to understand your kind as whole… trying to understand him, and now? I’ll never get that chance, to tell him that I forgive him… what he meant to me. He was my brother…and it was I who failed him.” He pauses, looking to urn in his grasp. “I’m sorry…I should’ve said it so long ago, as you had so many times…” he looks up, tears streaming down his face, “I’ll go… I’m sorry…”

Belaras turns to the great lion by his side, reaching for the reins he doesn’t even attempt to mount the beast, but first…something struck him, there was one last thing he must do. Gripping the hilt of the large greatsword upon his back he stabs the blade into the dirt, leaving it there and then leading the lion away. “I’m done with war… done fighting your kind.”

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