The Ride Of The Forsaken Royal Herald

From the depths of the Undercity a Royal Herald rides through the land to make an announcement. With him, his armed escorts carry warrants which are distributed through the land.

Dance Of The Dead Main Thread:

—————— (Text for those who can not watch the video)

Hear me, my Forsaken Brothers and Sisters!

Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow, and People Of The Lordaeron Commons in this present assembly, that the season of the Great Hunt and Hallow’s End is upon our lands— and for such we shall grant Alliance War Criminals the gift of our Dark Lady’s generous mercy.

And we do, by the Advice of our Privy Council, declare and enjoin that those villains listed shall hereforth be known as wanted criminals, and are called forth to stand trial for their numerous crimes against the Sovereign crown of our dignified Queen and her loyal subjects. And whereas we have declared these our determinations, in privy council, that these persons stand guilty as charged and their ultimate punishment shall be decided through the Great Hunt.

Marissa Hemlock
Malyndros Oakenwing
Aiden Portergauge
Arrawen Ravenheart
Mercilla Reiff
Aulphe Iceclaw
Vessen Andirok
Raistlinn Greywhisper
Johnathan Beredric
Ailardan Grenn
Ashivar Frost Vel’Achilles
Kattance Asheton

This decree has been issued by our most wondrous Queen, and She declares it our welcome task to fetch those whom do not step forth willingly. Given on this day, the first of October, her desire shall be made manifest.

And she does further declare it to be Her Royal Will and Pleasure that the ritual of the Wickerman be observed, and once more festivities at the Caer Darrow be renewed for the merriment and moral of the enduring people of Lordaeron, the Forsaken and their honored guests of the Horde.

May the Shadows bless our magnanimous and compassionate Queen— may her will prevail!