RP Name and Title: Dreadguard Logark Thornbane

Character /Class: Logark, 90 Forsaken Prot Warrior

History within UCN: Logark found his way into the UCN fold nearly a year ago around the Dance of the Dead. He’s been involved in most of the campaigns in some way since and was heavily involved in the recent Northrend trek. He was given the honorary title of Shield Wall for his efforts within with the guild over time. After the fall of Destrind Monroe in Northrend, Logark has taken up the mantle of Commander of the forces and hopes to lead with the at least half the skill Destrind had.

Birth Place/Death Place: They are one in the same for Logark. A small town on the outskirts of what is currently called Valgan’s Field. He was born in the family home and died protecting the town itself from Arthas’s charge to the Sunwell.

Description: Before you stands a warrior wearing a shield and plate to cover his stiff flesh and bones. He carries a one handed weapon and heavy shield taken from what looks like a scourge commander at the battle in the Icecrown Citadel.

A lip-less face stares blankly ahead with rot showing on his temples and eye sockets. His eyes glow a dim yellow and one seems brighter than the other. His hair is a damp mess the color of seaweed and loosely hangs around his head.

His arms have slightly more mass to them as Logark has had the apothecaries stiffen them up so he can better block the attacks that would kill those unprepared. The joints are well cared for even if his gear has broken them in. His right hand has been replaced over the years and shows different fingers from at least 5 people on it. His left hand has been molded more to grip a shield than a sword so it’s less cared for.
His legs are in surprisingly good shape, they may be new but you can’t tell as the plate covers them fully. Unlike some of his Brethren he doesn’t open the toes on his boots and uses the extra space for grip when needing to hold his ground.

Aspirations: Logark like all of those in the guard, wants to hold the prestigious position of Royal Dreadguard and protect the Dark Lady herself. Logark has been extremely devoted to the Banshee Queen since he first heard her voice to free him of the Lich King’s grasp.