Dance Of The Dead 2014


The Forsaken are not known for their mercy, and how better to deal with war criminals who dare threaten the sovereignty of the Dark Ladies crown them to make a fearful display of ….justice? Once a year those who dare to earn the Forsaken’s special breed of ire are targeted for rounding up and then …a most gruesome blood sport.

Returning to their roots this Hallow’s Eve, the Forsaken shall once more host an annual celebrate that the Lord and Lady of the Caer Darrow once threw. This now macabre celebration is a mockery of the once great Autumn festival hosted by the former citizens of the isle. Most notable of all the nights activities is the dreaded Great Hunt. For on this night, the Forsaken select a number of Prisoners of War and offer them something precious: their life. But only if…they can run for it.

Return with the Forsaken to their roots this Hallow’s Eve, and join us for: The Dance of the Dead.

*EVENT DATE: October 24th, 2014 – Friday night
*Time: Several events at several locations on the 24th, please consult your guild calenders for times and locations. OOC assembly begins around 6pm server for GMs to do final review of rules, and event.
*Style: RP-pvp, with rp after party.
*Horde Liaisons: Alorinis, Banshih, Sibelius
*Alliance Liaisons: Adamantt, Brambles, Rennali
*Art By:

Alliance RP Schedule
Ramp Up Events: TBA
RP afterparty w/prizes:

RP-PVP Overview Schedule – 6pm to 9pm server time
*6pm: OOC assembly and GM prep.
*7pm: Prisoners begin to assemble – the prisoners are pulled out of the UC and offered a deal they can’t refuse. Armed escorts arrive for clearing the path to their final destination.
*7:30pm/7:45pm – ‘March of the Damned’ – prisoners escorted march from the Undercity to their release point. The march is an rp event, and will not be pvp flagged. Armed rp escorts ride out with the prisoners.
*8pm: The Hunt Begins, this is the rp-pvp event.
*9pm: Hunt ends – score count announced. Alliance or Horde declared winner based on score.
*9pm: Caer Darrow Opening Ceremony. Horde characters who successfully killed Prisoners will be taken to an opening ceremony on the Caer Darrow where they are blessed by persons of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. RP after party begins.

Horde Rp Schedule – 9:00pm until Midnight Server (This is NOT a pvp event and is open to all Horde rpers. See additional posts for prizes and additional details.)
*9pm: Opening ceremony at the Caer Darrow. Cult of Forgotten Shadow blessings and opening.
*Duel Contact – sign up begins after opening ceremony. Dueling begins @ 9:30pm: This event will start after the opening ceremonies. Dueling will be coordinated, and scored tracked by Plaguewalker. Persons wishing to enter into the dueling contest must show up on time to enter into the bracket. Late entries have a chance of not being able to duel for prizes, due to the ranking system. (Hosted By, The Sunguard) (First place is 30,000g)
*Costume Contest @ 10pm: (Hosted By, Dawnfury)
*Fortune Telling – All Night Starting immediately after opening ceremony. (Hosted By, Legion Of Vengeance)
*Dance Club – All Night Starting immediately after opening ceremony. (Hosted By, Umbrella Enclave in the Blacksmith)
*Corrupt A Wish – All Night Starting immediately after opening ceremony. (Hosted By, Undercity Nexus)
*Beheading Booth – All Night Starting immediately after opening ceremony. (Hosted By Megabucks Cartel)

How it works (rp-pvp): This event is broken up into 2 main events. The first big event is the rp-pvp event, involving hunting the Prisoners of War. The second event is the main rp on the Isle. The prisoners of war is a fairly simple system: the prisoners are marched to a location, released into the zone and then hunted or saved. The number of prisoners will be an odd numbered group, to prevent a tie. Which faction wins the night is decided based on how many Prisoners escape their fate, or are slain. This is a giant game of cat-and-mouse.

Horde Hunters will start in an area away from the Prisoners, as will the Alliance.

There is a heavy focus on ic rp for this event, even during the pvp. Prisoners who are fleeing for their lives have been stripped of their gear,disoriented, crippled and weakened. It is up to the Alliance to try and save the Prisoners, or for the Prisoners to save themselves from the armed and eager Hunters. OOCLY prisoners are not allowed to tell others where they are via whispers, guild chat, and other similar means. The prisoners only have /say and /yell – which can attract undesired attention.

The Alliance will have a rescue point, in which they need to escort the prisoners to.

Due to phasing, and lore issues the areas of Light’s Hope and Tyr’s Hand are considered taboo and off limits.