Court Of Miracles – Promotion Night

“In our usual fashion, we rallied in the ruins. What was not so usual as to see a goblin we all knew pony up alongside us on her own skeletal warhorse. Amused, we decided to see if she intended to ride out with us, and she did. Normally, when the living join us for Court, they tend to end up dead, and then undead. This time was an exception however, though in her case after drinking from the Ceremonial Tureen she wanted to die – why a goblin thought it was safe to drink from a community drinking tureen that was shared among the undead I will never known.

Promotions began with Sister Serata – Grim stepping forward to speak praise for the sister and in turn call her up to stand before us. Serata accepted her new charge and station with grace. Following her Maulek called for Olmert to step forward and take on a greater range of responsibilities. While Olmert is regarded as having rot brain, I think the man is mostly trying very hard to remind himself and us to laugh and smile from time to time. Following the two larger promotions, a variety of shovelheads were pulled forward to be promoted to Agents proper.

In parting, we spoke of the Blasted Lands, and of rumors around the territory and of the increasingly dire news that efforts to the south were floundering. -U”

Forsaken RP Night

Olmert will serve under Maulek, focusing on our military efforts and interests.

Forsaken RP Guild - Moon Guard RP

The Sister will now formally be charged with attending to the souls of the damned.