WoD UCN Schedule


Warlords of Draenor is about to launch! With this xpac there are many new features, and cool things in store for players! The guild is going to have a new schedule! We will not offer rp events, or formal guild events during major holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Halloween, etc. Weekends will remain open, and generally not scheduled.

  • Monday – Tavern Night @ 7pm server as always. Tavern night will ultimately be based inside a Garrison, and still offer casual social guild rp and plot.
  • Tues – PVE night. The guild will work on heroic dungeons, achievements, and current content. Eventually this will lead to a 10m flex raid. This begins at 6pm server. All skill levels welcome, gear requirements and level requirements may be possible.
  • Friday – RP-PVP night hosted by Maulek. We will be on the isle of Ashrand along with some of our allies. We will be doing some rp while there, and run rp-pvp missions. This new zone offers many cool new features, unique rp toy rewards, titles, and more! We begin at 7pm server. All skill levels welcome.

We will continue to offer guild rp plots, and take part in server events as we see fit. Guild rp nights for story and plots can be scheduled during any of the week and may over ride pve and pvp nights if needed.