Mission: Cursed Outpost?

“Draenor is far from welcoming, and without connections back to Azeroth and the Forsaken High Command we have made due on our own. That being said, we have been operating out of the Darkspear base in Frostfire, far from the interests of most living being. Though the Darkspears are allies and good natured Trolls, we do put them off. That being said, we have over stayed our welcome and need to set out to claim our own stake. The Darkspear were kind enough to point us in the direction of an out post that was the source of trouble.

The out post had failed to report in for sometime, and any scouts sent there failed to return. Our own scout returned, reporting that the location was sealed tight, and that all fires were snuffed out. Posted outside the gate was a Darkspear Troll, dead….frozen and propped upright. The locals report that the place is cursed, and rumors abound as to what the curse is or the source of such.

Undaunted we took this as a chance to land grab and ventured in. Seeing as the place was sealed, we opted to make a grand entrance via…catapult. Within we found carnage, and snipers awaiting. -Deathstalker Field Commander #1971U”