UCN Business Night – So Many Shovelheads

“The dirt must be flying, because at our business meeting last night we were overwhelmed with shovelheads. Never have I seen so many fresh corpses stumble into our ranks at once. We have not even been out on a vulture patrol in sometime, and yet here are all these new risers. The meeting was very well attended. Business went as usual, though most of us were unhappy to find out that our status as conscripts is fubar on paperwork and that the Undercity has managed to stiff us a few weeks pay. Havir will now be managing our books, and pushing paper on our behalf. I get the impression he was no mere commoner in life.

We have begun work on researching tattoos infused with shadow to further enhance our Deathstalkers and Lightslayers on the battlefield. The Avians and Ogres are our first points of contact for such. -U”

Forsaken RP Guild