Tavern Night – Return To Ambermill

Forsaken Role Playing Guild

 “With portals being more easy to access, and our interests and roots being back in Azeroth we will be making use of Ambermill once more. Returning we were faced with unfinished business. The burnt down remains of the tavern was now home to the lost and mournful spirit of Mauviette, who we had killed and in doing so destroyed the tavern. Before we could even consider rebuilding, we needed to let her soul rest. So our pet Necromancer and Shadow Cultist stepped forward, taking Randy along with them to handle the matter as the rest of us looked on.

 Most of us died, and never had the chance to say good-bye or pay our final respects the first time. Even fewer of us actually had proper final rights. It was important that we pay her due respect, if even for our own peace of mind. -U”