Member Of The Month: Feb 2015, Randy Rot Brain


RP Name: Randy

Title:  ‘Rot Brain’

Character/Class: Forsaken Marksmanship Hunter

History within UCN:

Randy is the closest thing that UCN has to a mascot. Since he has been with the Nexus, he has exasperated, amused, befuddled, and infuriated his fellow deaders. Randy can often be one of the few bright spots in the often-somber gatherings of the guild.

Randy is one of the few Forsaken to survive offending the Banshee Queen, though he is forever forbidden from the Royal Quarter unless summoned there.

His most notable friendship with the Nexus was with the late Mauviette. Their relationship was brief, and the two undead touched each others’ hearths in ways not normally remembered by the Forsaken. The guild destroyed her after she was corrupted by the taint of an Old God; Randy took her destruction very hard. He was recently instrumental in putting her restless spirit at peace. Since then, Randy has largely returned to his loveable, idiotic self. Randy’s closest pals are Ickariss (who Randy is convinced is a robot) and his housemate Olmert (“Ollie’s swell – when he sets my bed on fire, he makes sure I’m not in it”). He is also very fond of Lydia.

Randy is seen intermittently at guild gatherings, since he has the memory and attention span of a goldfish and often forgets there’s a meeting.

Birth/Death Place: Lordaeron / Lordaeron

Description: Randy is tow-headed and lean, rangy in build and usually wearing a perennial dim-witted smile. On the left side of Randy’s head is a very large fracture in his skull, where brain matter can be seen. This injury was caused the spade used to dig him up, and it is believed that it is the source of his simple-mindedness and perpetual confusion. Randy should have been rejected for re-animation, but was not, for reasons unknown. Randy favors scale and chain armor in dark colors.

Aspirations: Randy’s dreams are as follows, in no particular order:

Own a pie shop.

Meet a nice Forsaken girl with ‘sweet fun-bags’.

Get a special tree planted on a lovely but lonely island.

Figure out why Ollie keeps setting his bed on fire.

Become an Arch-Druid, or maybe a Monk. Or maybe an Arch-Druid that knows martial arts.

Fly using only his arms.

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